the shades of gray.

Through the long entrance,
Lake Toya comes into view.
Switching off, you feel
your usual self slightly fade away.
Blurred moments of the ordinary
and the extraordinary.
The ambiguity puts you
completely at ease.

The Sea of Funka Bay

Funka Bay is called “Eruption Bay”
for the many active volcanos nearby.
Thanks to all the rivers flowing into this body of water,
Funka Bay has abundant phytoplankton
and a vibrant array of fish and other sea creatures.
There is no shortage of delicious seafood
across the four seasons,
from the region's famous scallops
to the abalone,
snow crab,
olive flounder, and more.
So says the ship's captain—a longtime
of the chef—with pride.

the earth.

Volcanos created
this rolling landscape.
A volcanic caldera lake,
Lake Toya has the Nakajima Islands
at its center
and is surrounded by mountains.
A horseback riding course
that even beginners can enjoy
awaits you on this steep mountainside.
You can take in the remarkable
caldera view from high above.

The cuisine tells
the story of this land.

Climate determines
what fruits and
can be grown.
Of course, fish and meat
are also affected too.
A single plate inherits
the culture
and story of a land.
Our chef fully versed in
every aspect of
the region
exemplifies true gastronomy.

  • 7-8 Toyako Onsen, Toyako-cho, Abuta-gun,
    Hokkaido 049-5721
  • Access: Approx. a 15-min. drive
    the Abuta-Toyako IC
    on the Hokkaido Expressway
  • Building: 9 floors and 1 basement
  • No. of guest rooms: 20